To assure that your next bookkeeper has proven skills and knowledge, specify "Certified Bookkeeper preferred."

Certified Bookkeeper

A Certified Bookkeeper (CB) is to bookkeepers what a CPA is to accountants: the cream of the profession.

A Certified Bookkeeper has passed a national examination at Sylvan-Prometric test centers and achieved a grade of at least 75% on each of five tests:

  1. Adjusting entries
  2. Error correction, including the bank reconciliation
  3. Depreciation, book and tax, including passenger autos
  4. Payroll
  5. Inventory under the perpetual and periodic systems, including moving and weighted average, LIFO, FIFO and LCM costing.

A Certified Bookkeeper has at least 3,000 hours' (two years') experience, and signed a code of ethics.

A Certified Bookkeeper must earn an average 30 continuing professional education credits a year to maintain certification.

A Certified Bookkeeper has met the highest national standards for bookkeepers in accounting, tax and payroll.

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